Inside Chapel Car Bible Church

We’ve shown you what the outside of the church looks like, and you have the address and contact information. Now we want to tell you what you can expect on the inside of our little church.


Our church was founded in 1928 as the First Baptist Church of Rawlins. The church is built around the chapel car ‘Evangel’ which we are working to make more prominent in the building. We have always had a heart for missions and support many missions today. We decided to change the name a few years back because we are proud of our heritage and we are a Bible believing church.


We always seem to be tweaking our worship services, but there are three things that have never changed: we believe the Word of God is infallible and preach it as such, we sing, and we have a time of community prayer.


Pastor Bryan blesses us with great exegetical preaching through books of the bible. This helps focus us on the entirety of the Word, allows us to know how the story of Salvation unfolds, and helps direct our lives under our Lord. Bryan’s sermons are about 45 minutes long, but the time goes pretty fast as he is a good preacher who takes his calling seriously.


We take a hard look at theology in our church. Understanding that what we think about God effects how we think about everything, Pastor Bryan and Deacon Mike gently lead us to a better understanding of who our Lord is. 


We sing hymns and choruses because they are properly focused on the triune God. Also, these types of worship songs can be done well with a piano and guitar. They are straightforward songs which can be sung by all the people of God. 


We believe prayer glorifies God, allows us to ask for forgiveness, we have assurance of our individual salvation, our knowledge of God increases through fellowship with him, our godly wisdom increases,  our strength to obey is fortefied, and God’s kingdom is furtered. Prayer is also a way we can ‘do something’ about situations where we can do little else. Prayer to our Good God is a comfort to us.

Chapel Car Bible Church is small, but we have a deep love for one another. Our love for one another has grown as we become better acquainted with the Word and are being sanctified. It seems that the truth of 1 Peter 1:22 (Now that you have purified yourselves by obeying the truth so that you have sincere love for each other, love one another deeply, from the heart) has been active in our church without our being intentional about it.


Love for one another, along with love for God, and appreciation of salvation causes us to minister to one another. Though we may have programs for women, men, children, or youth at times, most often we meet as an entire fellowship and all are encouraged to attend. We don’t have children’s church because it is important that our children’s ministers are in church participating in the fellowship and hearing the sermon; and we like having the kids there too. It doesn’t matter to us if they make noise or need extra attention from their parents. 


If kids are too distracting to the parents, we have rooms available with toys for parents to take their children to during the service. We hope to have an audio system soon so that you will be able to hear the service.


We don’t have a youth group for two reasons. We don’t currently have a lot of youth. We also believe that adult friends are important in the lives of youth. Your young person might not be able to hang out with friends at our church, but they will have adults in their lives who ‘see’ them, talk to them, and pray for them. 


One of our favorite gatherings are the monthly Fellowship Dinners. We gather to share a meal and spend time together. Bryan and Shauna invite everyone to join them for a lunch of soup at their home on the Sundays we do not gather at church.


Would we like to have more folks in the pews on Sunday morning? Yes!, but we are comfortable with where God has us right now. We aren’t going to chase fads to gain members when God is such an active part of our church. 


If this description sounds like a church fellowship that you want to be a part of, come try us out. We are here every Sunday morning at 10:45, and we would welcome you whole heartedly.


Have a great day with Jesus, Jenita – church clerk